Our own production plant with modern machinery and a painting section allows us to produce furniture in a single or larger series strictly according to the customer’s design and requirements.

Materials valued by designers used in our production are MFC melamine-faced chipboards, raw and varnished MDF boards, various types of plywood, natural and modified veneers, HPL high-pressure laminates, solid wood, stone veneers, Forbo linoleum.

The most popular technological solutions are mittered joints (45-degree) and other milling, which we perform on our CNC machining center, including: 5-axis milling machine.

Our machinery also allows us to make arched elements.

Thanks to our own paint shop and a team of experienced employees we paint not only flat elements but also complex 3D shapes.

BIK Meble
ul. Klonowa 81
25-538 Kielce
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